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EGID Services  


System Design Services

EGID created a variety of database systems, to help the end user organize arrange and follow up the data.

Archiving System – ArchPro

The Archiving system (ArchPro) is a comprehensive solution designed to improve & integrate the documentation process in all the departments within numerous branches – from receiving the document & filling it to retrieving old data from any branch Read More...

Disclosure Information System – DIS

The Disclosure Information System is designed to automate and speed up the process of the information cycle from listed companies, to Stock Exchanges, and then to market participants. The system is flexible enough to work with any office version; it also contains a powerful user management control to assign user privileges Read More...

Listing System: LISTA

LISTA system represents an essential tool for stock exchanges to retrieve data about listed, de-listed companies, bonds & mutual funds thus it is a system designed to track all the listing, updating, de-listing and retrieving processes of all the financial securities information. Read More...

Surveillance System - Survey

The Surveillance system is a powerful and flexible tool used by the stock exchange to monitor overall market activity, investigating and preventing manipulative or illegal trading. The application provides an easy to use interface with rich monitoring and data analysis capabilities. A key part of the application is the powerful alert component. Alerts may be configured for a variety of conditions, flagging situations where these pre-defined conditions are breached. It also includes a reporting capability allowing the creation of daily activity reports and historical reports Read More...

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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