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Listing System: LISTA

LISTA system represents an essential tool for stock exchanges to retrieve data about listed, de-listed companies, bonds & mutual funds thus it is a system designed to track all the listing, updating, de-listing and retrieving processes of all the financial securities information.


Full information on any type of financial security

The system allows the end user to insert comprehensive information about any financial security. The filling process in this case is either to insert new securities or update new securities.


Since new adjustments are the main parameter of evaluating the company’s performance. LISTA specified a whole field named “Adjustments”. This field classifies all the new additions on the shares such as amount of decreased shares’ value or increased shares’ value, date of the change …etc.

Electronic archiving

LISTA has an electronic archiving system that helps effectively manage the paper work and old documents by giving the facility of saving a large capacity of documents.

News and announcements

LISTA publish any news alert it needs to transmit to the end-users. This news may include, listing new companies, de-listing companies…etc
The announcement field maintains all the information that has direct effect on the financial securities traded in the stock exchange. Based upon these entries the information technology department in the stock exchange conducts the needed changes on the financial security within the trading session.


LISTA holds a large number of reports that serve all types of users be it a normal user within the listing department or an executive from the top management.
LISTA does not only provide linguistic data it also transform these entries into graphs that even serves better all the users.
LISTA has the printing facility to all the reports produced on Excel format.

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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