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Disclosure Information System – DIS

The Disclosure Information System is designed to automate and speed up the process of the information cycle from listed companies, to Stock Exchanges, and then to market participants.
The system is flexible enough to work with any office version; it also contains a powerful user management control to assign user privileges.


Automate the information submission process

Listed Companies have access to a web based gateway where they add / Update their information, results and news online.
The uploaded information is then processed, verified, and authenticated by the Stock Exchange’s Disclosure Department, then published to the trading floor and to various market participants.
Using a secured connection over the Internet, the Issuer will have the possibility to add / update the following items:

  • Martial Events
  • Financial Statements
  • Dividends
  • Management
  • Company Basic Information
  • Free Float

As soon as new data is added, or existing data is updated, the Disclosure Department at Stock Exchange is notified, and accordingly starts to verify the validity of the information.
If the analyst at the Disclosure Department has any comments he communicates through a messaging system with the Investor Relations Personnel of the listed company to resolve the issue. If the submitted information meets the rules, regulations, and requirements of the exchange, the information is published and posted in the system.

Increase Transparency of information

The Disclosure Department verifies and authorizes the information loaded by Investor Relations Department of a listed company; the information is then published through a web-interface. The application can be accessed by specialised users working in the exchange or related companies or by normal investors via a web-based interface screen.
DIS other features

  • Archives the Financial Statements and all kind of documents as PDF files and or Excel
  • Ability to send direct announcements from the Disclosure System to the market
  • Archive a large number of reports for each company
  • Simple, windows based user interface.

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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