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Archiving System – ArchPro

The Archiving system (ArchPro) is a comprehensive solution designed to improve & integrate the documentation process in all the departments within numerous branches – from receiving the document & filling it to retrieving old data from any branch.
ArchPro helps you to effectively manage your paper work & old documents by saving a large number of documents. ArchPro is a memory based system & is very efficient in the consumption of computer resources.
At Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange ArchPro holds information of more than 1 Million papers.


The system provides the following functions:

Multi Options System

Benefits and options using ArchPro include:

  • Access the system from various locations
  • Multiple users
  • Centralize the storage of information from all your locations,
  • Unify the archiving process in all your branches
  • Share data within your various branches
  • Bilingual ( Arabic – English )
  • Scan , compress & save as a PDF format file
  • Browse & save from already existing files
  • Print documents
  • Modify any previously added file
  • Delete any existing file
  • Retrieve any file
Multi Users in Different Branches

ArchPro simplifies file entry, automates file transfer to & from various branches. You can work on a file in your office in Cairo & retrieve it from another office in Alexandria. The system is designed to withhold all the saved data in a centralized data server which will allow the users to get hold of the information whenever they need & wherever they are.
ArchPro Archiving system helped the disclosure department of EGX to store the new and old information of its two branches in Cairo and Alexandria

Time Management and Cost Reduction

ArchPro has been specifically designed to save both time and money. Instead of spending hours in your archive down in the basement searching for your client’s papers in order to proceed with his request you simply have to click the search bottom & wait a few seconds for the PDF file.
Storing all your hardcopies as a PDF files would save you paper storage space, disk storage space ( in case the folders where saved on disks ) plus it would reduce the risk of file corruption saving you continuous maintenance costs.

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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