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Data Dissemination

Fundamental Data

EGID disseminates a variety of Market data that can enter into various applications and are very crucial to various market segments including investors, brokers, data vendors, students… etc. All the data are extracted from the database of the Feed, the disclosure department of the exchange, the listing department and the research department of the exchange.
EGID’s data are categorized into four groups:

  • Company information,
  • Periodical publication
  • Market indicators.
  • Customized Reports

Company Information

Financial statements

All listed companies are bind by the disclosure rules to provide their financial report on a quarterly basis. Each statement includes (Auditor report, Balance Sheet, Full Notes, Cash Flow, and Income Statement).
The main format of the financial report is PDF. Customers are provided with all the financials of all listed companies are given to end users :

  • Soft copy – to be sent via mail or through a CD.

Another customised format of the financials is on Excel tables, it includes the main financial figures of the company.

Shareholder Structure report

All companies listed provide on a quarterly basis their shareholder structure report. It include the main owners of the companies with the percentage owned. Companies provide this report using the PDF format. End user receives it as Excel sheet.

Free Float Report

A Report that view the Percentage of Free Float and No. of Shares; updated on Quarterly Basis

Basic Info Report

Is a report that includes the Par value, the No of listed Shares, the issued capital and the Company’s Purpose. This is an English report provided English as Excel sheet upon request.

De-listed & Listed report

This report includes full information about any listed or delisted company. Main fields within this report are Company's Name,

  • Date of Listing / De-listing,
  • Reason of delisting
  • No of listed shares,
  • Par value,
  • Currency,
  • Closing Price before de-listing

This report is provided in English using Excel Format and it is updated on Monthly Basis

Ratio Reports

These types of reports provided selected types of ratios and gives full insight about how these ratios were extracted. Of which the EPS ratio report which Includes the Net profit of the company, Listed Shares, calculated the Earning per Share. And the update of this report is done on a quarterly Basis. Another report is the PE Ratio per Sector report updated and provided monthly.

Corporate Action Report

This is customised report that includes all corporate actions conducted by any company listed on the exchange. The information are extracted from the instant news received from the exchange and is customised so that each corporate action can be included in a separate report. Example include yet not limited to:

  • Stock Split report
  • Cash Dividends
  • Stock Dividends
  • Capital Increase or Decrease

Mail Alerts

The mail alerts are stream of mails that is received instantly from the exchange. It included all sorts of news produced by the companies listed and or by the exchange. This service is provided separately to users via a monthly subscription and a fixed mail.

Board Members & Executives Report

This report includes the names and titles of the main board of directors of the most active 50 companies. It is updated on an annual basis.

Periodical reports are fixed reports with fixed format that are sent to subscribed users on a daily or monthly basis via mail.
  • Daily Report:  Arabic "File sent on Daily Basis"
  • CASE 30 English "File sent on Daily Basis"
  • News Report:  English "File sent on Daily Basis"
  • Monthly Report: Arabic or English "File sent on Monthly Basis"
  • Dividend per Sector: English "File sent on Monthly Basis"

Market Indicators

Historical financial instruments Prices

This report provided historical price data for all listed instruments since 2001 till now on daily basis
The report includes the number of transaction, High, Low, Open, Close Price in addition to Volume and Value.

Companies Market Capital report

This report includes the market capital of each company listed on the stock exchange, it is updated monthly and its provided in both English and Arabic.

Market Summary Daily report

Gives a daily summary about the market, transaction, volume, value, high prices and low prices .

Other reports:

These reports are short information reports that are updated and sent to subscribed users daily

  • GDR Closing price report
  • Retail vs. Institutional Report indicates the volume, value of each type of investor
  • Foreign Vs. Egyptians Report indicates the volume, value of each type of investor

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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