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Data Dissemination

Data Feed

EGID provides the data feed service for the financial market players which enables them to have instant view of the Stock Exchange Trading market (securities prices, order book, market announcements, etc...) A specific database is created to collect the data from the Gateway which gets the data from the trading system then the user can connect to that database to pull the data.
EGID also provides several ways of internet feed. A Web server is connected to the database and displays the data in web pages in comma delimited format. For the reports, The data dissemination system will provide a web portal that controls the following services:

  • Database feed Real Time
  • X-Stream – Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Comma Delimited Feed

Market Data Feed - MDF

The MDF database provides the user with the data feed extracted directly from X-stream. It provides instant view of the Egyptian Stock Exchange Trading market.
This service targets the Professional Information Provider and Large Scale Trading Corporations and it is designed to:

  • Meet all demands with efficiency and stability, it can be customised
  • Have a High-End Solution for Custom Development purposes

The data feed content is classified to two main divisions:

  • Tables
  • Views

The tables allow the user to track the market prices, the bid and asks value and volumes, the full order book, the historical data of the financial instrument, the indices, the cancelled trades and the type of investors be them individual, corporate, foreigners or Arabs ...
The views on the other hand allow the user to track the announcements, the market news of all listed companies, the daily report of the foreigners and Arabs, the main constituents of the indices.

X-Stream – Software Development Kit (SDK)

The X-stream Client SDK (Software Development Kit) contains the X-stream Client API (Application Programmers Interface).
The X-stream Client Software Development Kit (X-stream Client SDK or SDK) is used by clients of the Exchange to develop software that will connect to the X-stream server. This SDK allows client programs to use either a native C++ API or C wrapper to communicate with the X-stream server. The SDK facilitates essential trade activities such as receiving up-to-date market data.

Comma Delimited Feed

The Comma delimited data feed is provided on as a real time feed and delayed feed. It consists of ASPX pages that are constructed in a semi column (;) delimited format. Each row of data starts with #; this is the reason of its name.
The feed is a web based application that is accessed through a Username and password which are supplied with each request in the following format:
IP address of your server that will access those pages should be know to our support team to allow access for this IP only to provide more security.

Special Features

The feed allows the user to view the market trades, the trade summary, the market announcements, the indices, the top 10 gainers, the top 10 Losers and information about the investors types.
It can be customised based upon the request of the user, it can be limited to viewing one stock or to view only part of the market.
It can also be provided on a real time basis with no delay.

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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