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Back Office System – Matador

Matador is intended to manage all operations of a brokerage firm as a complete solution for both back-end and front-end functionalities. The system is designed using the latest technologies allowing for efficiency in handling large amounts of data; in addition to its quick and speedy implementation. This is implemented using multi-tier architecture that enables flexible and efficient implementation.

Matador Functionality

Matador is a fully integrated system intended to manage all operations of a brokerage firm as a complete solution for both back-end and front-end functionalities through the order management module, the general ledger, the subsidiary ledger and the reporting module.

System Setup Module

The system is dynamically configured according to the user’s needs. This configuration is done via the setup screens. The user usually configures all his customized needs in the initial starting phase; however, it can refer to the setup later on at any time to update any of those parameters according to the business needs.

Order Management System Module

The system is designed to allow an efficient workflow in the ordering process. It is designed to allow the following functionalities to its user:

  • Stock Prices Watch List
  • Order Ticket
  • Validation and Acceptance of Order
  • Order Cancellation / Modification
  • Commission Calculation
  • Order Monitoring
  • Table of Transactions:
  • Order Division
  • Initial Public Offering –IPO

Global Depositary Receipts Module

GDRs markets are provided with the Matador system. They are handled as a separate market where the brokerage firm can track the following:

  • Special commission
  • Transactions
  • Orders
  • Invoices 

Archiving System Module

Archiving System Module in the Matador is integrated with the clients’ module; where the brokerage firm can scan and save any document related to the clients for example an ID, passport, picture, signature etc. All documents are organized and can be retrieved and printed.

Custodian Electronic Booking Module

Manual booking for a client’s balance can be done per security and per custodian. It has two main features:

  • Automatic booking for the clients is one feature of this module, it is a scheduled task that automatically runs on a daily basis that books all the clients’ balances that have been unblocked and all the clients’ balances that are due settlement today.
  • Manual unblocking for any client or any security
Matador Main Features

Matador is a Centralized database. That allows creating a database which is accessed by all employees of the company. The database contains all corporate information. It's protected by password and personal log-in name. Matador allows store the database on a dedicated server machine.

Market Data Feed

Matador is equipped with real-time market data feed which gives the account manager the necessary information during the trading session. Moreover, this contributes in the evaluation of the clients’ portfolio on a real time basis.

Integration Features

Matador is flexible in integrating with complementary tools or systems that facilitate data entry and automation for users.
This is usually done by providing these tools with procedures that can be called with certain parameters and return back the needed data. Also, integration is applied by allowing some external applications to have access on the back office schema, and then the back office can fetch the data from these applications and implement it using triggers and procedures that can manipulate this data. Of the systems that can be integrated with Matador are; the Fix, Desktop Trading Platform, Online Web Applications Mobile Application – (Mobile trading)
The system also through the available API (Application Programmed Interface) can be integrated with these applications:

  • Banking system
  • Financial system
  • CRM system

Accounting Features

All the financial balances and calculations are based on the main accounts (including main account for portfolio managers and Omni), while all the trading transactions are done on the sub-account level to be able to specify the exact trading code for the trading client. Therefore, we can say that sub-clients are the trading info sources, while the main clients are the financial sources.

Reporting Features

Matador provides efficient and flexible way of creating reports though parameter reports. Moreover it can export all needed reports and lists using, PDF, HTML, Excel and graph formats.
Example of the generated reports:
Daily Transactions

  • Cash Account Positions
  • Detailed Cash Account Positions
  • Customer cash balances

Summary Portfolio Position

  • Order Table
  • Trade Table
  • Client Security Transaction
  • Client Cash Transaction

Trading Reports

  • Trades by broker report
  • Commission/Fees by Broker report
  • Client's order book

Transaction / Position Reports

  • Daily/monthly transaction list with several sort and order criteria: client, security, currency, treasury bank, broker, market counterpart, etc
  • Detailed client report: all settled Transactions (statement of accounts)
  • Monthly customer statement: position and transaction list
  • Currency/daily summery report
  • Counterparty/daily summary report
  • Enable transactions cancellation (if any)

Client's Report

  • Client's account statement
  • Client's invoices sheet
  • Client’s portfolio analysis

Board Level Reports

  • Volume of buy / volume of sell
  • Number of accounts traded today
  • Symbols traded today by volume

Financial Reports

  • Cheques status (to be collected, collected, returned)
  • Financial statement
  • Accumulated journal entries
  • Settled and unsettled transactions
  • Cancelled invoices
  • Credited and debited clients
  • Clients' account statement
  • Journal entries Trial balance
  • Broker's performance
  • Customer's invoices

Other special features

  • Security and permissions Features
  • Flexible commissions definitions
  • Multi-Market, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency
  • Flexible handling for All types of clients
  • Smart and efficient order management system,
  • Efficient workflow
  • support several branches
  • Advanced Search screens
  • Advanced permissions control
  • Database independent
  • Infinite levels in chart of accounts

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