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Surveillance System - Survey

The Surveillance system is a powerful and flexible tool used by the stock exchange to monitor overall market activity, investigating and preventing manipulative or illegal trading.
The application provides an easy to use interface with rich monitoring and data analysis capabilities.
A key part of the application is the powerful alert component. Alerts may be configured for a variety of conditions, flagging situations where these pre-defined conditions are breached.
It also includes a reporting capability allowing the creation of daily activity reports and historical reports.



This system provides the capabilities to monitor the market closely and flexibility. The system allows information about securities, brokers and clients to any of the different levels (total-Details-sectors and securities which exceeded the maximum or minimum price, as well as control market, price for the orders, also provides the most active brokerage house for a specific security, percent of local and foreigner clients and total of executives trades for brokers and securities.

Follow-up Market

A follow-up market capability allows instantaneous and accurate follow-up analysis of the market, providing complete tracing of both buy and sell orders on a specific security and client account.
The follow-up capability allows the operator to see all available bid and ask prices during the trading session, all traded orders and financial statistics at the security level.
Additional reports are available.


The following reports are produced on a daily basis:

  • Securities transactions
  • Brokerage house trades on a specified security
  • Trades for a specified account
  • Foreign accounts trades
  • Details for cancelled trades
  • Local accounts trades
  • The following reports are produced based on historical data:
  • Close price for securities during a given period of time
  • Orders details on securities during a given period of time
  • Top dealers in the market
  • Total market value by nationalities
  • Top-five foreign accounts (buying and selling)

Additional reports are available specifically for follow-up analysis including reporting on:

  • Market trades
  • Details of all deals
  • Total trades for deals

The system supports an alerting capability covering all market activities, including the distinction between local trades and foreign trades.
The system assists in the market control of internal trades by proving the ability to set alerts in terms of price, quantity, value traded, the time of trades & orders, numbers of trades, the value of each trade and the total of these trades.
The administrator is able to define specific securities whose trades and orders are to be monitored for possible alerts.
Alerting capabilities are included specifically for monitoring foreign trades. These alerts are able to monitor account numbers, names, nationalities, quantities, prices and totals.

egID is a CMMI-DEV L2 Company that provides high quality software solutions to all bussiness sectors.

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