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Today Traded Stocks
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[Expand] Citadel Capital - Common Shares-0.101,53934,068,93799,199,7621:29 PM2.91
[Expand] Misr Fretilizers Production Company - Mopco-2.1126972,6047,971,9001:29 PM107.00
[Expand] Pioneers Holding-0.172841,060,6308,985,0881:29 PM8.40
[Expand] Belton Financial Holding0.055562,361955,5911:29 PM15.18
[Expand] Heliopolis Housing-0.18112135,8844,232,2971:29 PM31.25
[Expand] GB AUTO-0.11157478,3472,669,1621:29 PM5.54
[Expand] United Arab Shipping0.022222,060,5192,533,7801:29 PM1.21
[Expand] El Nasr For Manufacturing Agricultural Crops-1.94236141,8354,667,4721:29 PM33.33
[Expand] Emaar Misr for Development0.103001,753,1907,151,7561:29 PM4.17
[Expand] Gulf Canadian Real Estate Investment Co.0.147961,360701,2791:29 PM11.40
[Expand] Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In EGP0.084627,880458,7771:29 PM16.60
[Expand] Ismailia National Food Industries-0.747386,0151,046,9481:29 PM12.40
[Expand] Egyptians Real Estate Fund Certificates0.03915,613125,3171:29 PM8.25
[Expand] Housing & Development Bank-2.364548,1412,726,8741:29 PM57.90
[Expand] International Agricultural Products0.115481,486,1826,047,5271:29 PM4.00
[Expand] Ismailia Misr Poultry0.08106303,238970,5761:29 PM3.17
[Expand] El Wadi Co. For Touristic Investement0.04146185,0411,503,7541:29 PM8.15
[Expand] El Ahli Investment and Development0.024238,972430,1791:29 PM10.90
[Expand] Arab Cotton Ginning-0.042621,303,1497,693,9221:29 PM5.90
[Expand] Ismailia Development and Real Estate Co0.082516,037136,7551:29 PM8.65
[Expand] El-Nile Co. For Pharmaceuticals And Chemical Industries0.084122,310380,0091:29 PM17.19
[Expand] Golden Coast Company0.0489137,799848,1531:29 PM6.15
[Expand] Electro Cable Egypt0.01891,943,6001,649,8441:29 PM0.85
[Expand] Cleopatra Hospital Company0.024542,020,5517,769,3311:29 PM3.81
[Expand] T M G Holding-0.043851,253,76715,695,4451:29 PM12.50
[Expand] C I Capital Holding-0.137113,055,66327,710,7231:29 PM9.01
[Expand] Rakta Paper Manufacturing-0.2410087,866929,8141:29 PM10.50
[Expand] Ibnsina Pharma0.06155295,5953,111,6661:29 PM10.50
[Expand] Orascom Development Egypt0.119584,419,06131,269,0391:29 PM7.06
[Expand] United Housing & Development-0.1044116,337643,0321:29 PM5.51
[Expand] AJWA for Food Industries company Egypt-0.0464168,676472,1901:29 PM2.81
[Expand] Commercial International Bank (Egypt)0.74229488,03841,577,6321:29 PM85.47
[Expand] Palm Hills Development Company-0.013433,748,99417,382,0221:29 PM4.70
[Expand] Canal Shipping Agencies0.76358583,4069,429,9911:29 PM16.16
[Expand] Egyptian Iron & Steel-0.023111,031,2237,920,2941:29 PM7.61
[Expand] Raya Holding For Financial Investments-0.0148239,3382,393,9291:29 PM10.00
[Expand] Six of October Development & Investment (SODIC)-0.15128213,5405,243,0201:29 PM24.50
[Expand] Egyptians For Investment & Urban Development-0.031050,900104,1261:29 PM2.05
[Expand] Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding Company-0.326711,504,00735,019,5271:29 PM23.10
[Expand] Egypt for Poultry0.012942,622121,8371:29 PM2.81
[Expand] El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma)-0.133759,360706,2971:29 PM12.00
[Expand] ELSWEDY ELECTRIC1.08458195,42742,941,3031:29 PM219.00
[Expand] Arabian Food Industries DOMTY-0.01492,042,38323,426,0881:29 PM11.40
[Expand] Global Telecom Holding0.026554,425,80023,165,8011:29 PM5.20
[Expand] Northern Upper Egypt Development & Agricultural Production-0.33241286,4482,465,0431:29 PM8.50
[Expand] Orange Egypt For Telecommunications-0.155025,554400,8151:29 PM15.60
[Expand] Egyptian Media Production City-0.1855120,851905,2041:29 PM7.41
[Expand] Egypt Aluminum0.58376169,78212,445,1051:29 PM73.48
[Expand] Maridive & oil services0.0128158,2581,533,6361:29 PM0.55
[Expand] Eastern Company-2.7763174,87928,573,6201:29 PM170.00
[Expand] Natural Gas & Mining Project (Egypt Gas)-1.08406,031486,0711:29 PM81.02
[Expand] Alexandria Mineral Oils Company-0.08282511,1566,393,0641:29 PM12.60
[Expand] Atlas For Land Reclamation and Agricultural Proccssing-0.35130126,8741,590,0781:29 PM12.79
[Expand] El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing0.2480160,3641,323,2491:29 PM8.10
[Expand] Nasr Company for Civil Works-0.1493,96094,5041:29 PM24.00
[Expand] Egyptian Starch & Glucose-0.246541,750671,8501:29 PM15.93
[Expand] Egyptian for Tourism Resorts-0.032312,711,9815,818,4801:29 PM2.16
[Expand] El Shams Housing & Urbanization-0.064583,236562,3251:29 PM6.75
[Expand] Cairo Poultry-0.122523,907188,0901:29 PM8.00
[Expand] Orascom Telecom Media And Technology Holding0.0018916,876,19413,671,0531:29 PM0.82
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