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Today Traded Stocks
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[Expand] Citadel Capital - Common Shares-0.0364512,785,10348,913,1112:29 PM3.78
[Expand] El Wadi Co. For Touristic Investement-0.01245423,5203,360,4342:29 PM7.90
[Expand] Global Telecom Holding-0.041,37314,598,93146,863,4712:29 PM3.19
[Expand] Medical Packaging Company-0.0119161,110137,7762:29 PM0.88
[Expand] Pioneers Holding-0.01280761,6804,626,1182:29 PM6.03
[Expand] Six of October Development & Investment (SODIC)-0.29363557,2437,313,3422:29 PM13.06
[Expand] Alexandria Mineral Oils Company-0.01244375,7642,320,8582:29 PM6.14
[Expand] Arab Moltaka Investments Co-0.045030,255505,4432:29 PM16.38
[Expand] Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In EGP0.075439,819639,5292:29 PM16.17
[Expand] Oriental Weavers-0.06151202,7752,170,3112:29 PM10.60
[Expand] Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima)0.165081,634,77411,746,3812:29 PM7.18
[Expand] El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma)0.143628,436428,3912:29 PM15.20
[Expand] Gharbia Islamic Housing Development-0.021616,300101,5262:29 PM6.28
[Expand] Egypt for Poultry0.0049138,727281,8882:29 PM2.04
[Expand] Cairo Oils & Soap-0.06330554,5534,095,1382:29 PM7.39
[Expand] Suez Canal Bank0.42133101,098835,0412:29 PM8.44
[Expand] Egypt Aluminum-1.19320268,2396,739,7292:29 PM25.01
[Expand] Arab Cotton Ginning-0.011761,320,4362,250,6762:29 PM1.70
[Expand] Medinet Nasr Housing-0.073491,049,8016,888,2992:29 PM6.53
[Expand] Arabia Investments,Development,Fin. Inv. Holding Comp.-Cash-0.011673,342,8522,392,5982:29 PM0.71
[Expand] Natural Gas & Mining Project (Egypt Gas)0.091293566,0322:29 PM70.65
[Expand] Canal Shipping Agencies0.09152239,1182,884,3112:29 PM12.11
[Expand] Porto Group-0.0245114,820,21412,274,9212:29 PM0.82
[Expand] Dice Sport & Casual Wear-0.07102482,0051,154,7012:29 PM2.40
[Expand] Abou Kir Fertilizers0.45268261,7806,045,2232:29 PM23.13
[Expand] Golden Coast Company0.06150333,6011,544,8992:29 PM4.63
[Expand] Ismailia National Food Industries-0.196657,066453,4572:29 PM7.80
[Expand] United Housing & Development-0.0875268,3841,047,2752:29 PM3.90
[Expand] Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank- Egypt0.311,0942,671,18428,587,7832:29 PM11.22
[Expand] South Valley Cement-0.0694505,1961,302,8702:29 PM2.57
[Expand] Palm Hills Development Company-0.013275,656,40812,403,7462:29 PM2.18
[Expand] T M G Holding0.04114213,5692,254,3412:29 PM10.50
[Expand] Remco for Touristic Villages Construction-0.02236693,2772,866,4222:29 PM4.08
[Expand] Eastern Company-0.034591,031,07716,459,0372:29 PM15.97
[Expand] Egyptian Iron & Steel0.083351,328,8997,303,3972:29 PM5.48
[Expand] Arab Valves Company0.011361,243,9951,262,1332:29 PM0.99
[Expand] Arabian Cement Company0.0057123,591631,6722:29 PM5.10
[Expand] Egyptian Starch & Glucose0.56269211,5553,564,3772:29 PM17.09
[Expand] El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo)-0.021051,216,6661,401,1972:29 PM1.14
[Expand] Ismailia Misr Poultry0.0262195,831447,3182:29 PM2.28
[Expand] Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In US Dollars0.021523,722442,1412:29 PM1.03
[Expand] Misr National Steel - Ataqa-0.86249144,7934,182,7052:29 PM28.78
[Expand] Ceramic & Porcelain-0.033674,612254,0722:29 PM3.39
[Expand] Cairo Poultry0.44301698,7324,734,6982:29 PM6.97
[Expand] Egyptian Media Production City0.05271565,0383,800,2022:29 PM6.70
[Expand] El Nasr For Manufacturing Agricultural Crops-0.753413,048307,5882:29 PM23.50
[Expand] ARAB POLVARA SPINNING & WEAVING CO.0.002748,125113,3842:29 PM2.40
[Expand] Heliopolis Housing-0.12281314,0755,664,1932:29 PM17.90
[Expand] International Agricultural Products-0.093997,474321,1912:29 PM3.35
[Expand] Arab Co. for Asset Management And Development-0.012762,868,3358,411,4312:29 PM2.90
[Expand] Asek Company for Mining - Ascom-0.12144143,3381,425,8622:29 PM9.81
[Expand] El Ahli Investment and Development-0.117880,513626,2882:29 PM7.80
[Expand] Atlas For Investment and Food Industries-0.155545,124404,5152:29 PM8.85
[Expand] Mansourah Poultry0.2179100,609532,0722:29 PM5.40
[Expand] Modern Company for water proofing (Bitumode)0.0132438,500568,4252:29 PM1.30
[Expand] Orascom Investment Holding-0.011384,138,4532,348,5712:29 PM0.57
[Expand] Egyptians Housing Development & Reconstruction0.002550,147106,8262:29 PM2.10
[Expand] Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE)-0.224568,940620,6002:29 PM9.00
[Expand] Orascom Development Egypt0.034771,367,5119,937,5332:29 PM7.34
[Expand] United Arab Shipping-0.0198766,354759,7852:29 PM1.01
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