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18/03/2019 15:23General Misr Hotels (MHOT.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors' Meeting
18/03/2019 15:21General Release from Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt (FAIT.CA-FAITA.CA) Concerning the Unaudited Financial Indicators
18/03/2019 15:18Trading Notices Resume of Trading on Global Telecom Holding (GTHE.CA)
18/03/2019 15:18General Release from Global Telecom Holding (GTHE.CA) Responding to EGX Inquiries
18/03/2019 13:16Media Releases EGX Chairman gives the opening speech of the AmCham Conference
18/03/2019 10:44General Genial Tours (GETO.CA) Release Concerning a Client's Shares (NILEX)
18/03/2019 10:42General Release from Medical Packaging Company (MEPA.CA) Concerning the Board of Directors & the Executive Managers
18/03/2019 10:42Trading Notices Resume of Trading on Medical Packaging Company (MEPA.CA)
18/03/2019 10:36General Medical Packaging Company (MEPA.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions
18/03/2019 10:32General Statement from Ismailia National Food Industries (INFI.CA) Regarding the AGM and EGM
18/03/2019 10:32General Nozha International Hospital (NINH.CA) - Corporate Governance Report
18/03/2019 10:30Insider Trading Executions/Treasury Stocks Insider Trading Executions: Trading Session 17/03/2019
18/03/2019 10:15General Ismailia Development and Real Estate Co (IDRE.CA) EGM Minutes (After Certification)
18/03/2019 10:13General Release from Gharbia Islamic Housing Development (GIHD.CA) Responding to EGX Inquiries
18/03/2019 10:12General Release from Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC.CA) Concerning Company’s the Updated Data Of The Company
18/03/2019 10:07General Marine & Oil Services (SAE) (MOIL.CA) - Corporate Governance Report
18/03/2019 10:03General Release from Amer Group Holding (AMER.CA) Concerning a lawsuit
18/03/2019 10:01General Release from Porto Group (PORT.CA) Concerning a Lawsuit
18/03/2019 09:59General Ceramic & Porcelain (PRCL.CA) - Board of Directors' Decision
18/03/2019 09:58General Release from Arabia Investments , Development , Financial Investments Hol (AIND.CA) Concerning a Lawsuit
18/03/2019 09:56General Release from Cleopatra Hospital Company (CLHO.CA) Concerning the Semi-Annual Disclosure Form
18/03/2019 09:53General Release from Acrow Misr (ACRO.CA) Concerning the Standalone Financial Statements
18/03/2019 09:51General Release from Cleopatra Hospital Company (CLHO.CA) Concerning the EGM
18/03/2019 09:50General Maridive & Oil Services (MOIL.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors' Meeting
18/03/2019 09:47General Release from International Company For Fertilizers & Chemicals (ICFC.CA) Regarding The Financial Statements(NILEX)
18/03/2019 09:44General Release from Cleopatra Hospital Company (CLHO.CA) Regarding Company’s Financial Results
18/03/2019 09:44Corporate Actions Juhayna Food Industries (JUFO.CA) Declares Cash Dividends
18/03/2019 09:43General Assemblies Ismailia Misr Poultry (ISMA.CA) - EGM Minutes (after Certification)
18/03/2019 09:42General Release From FRA Concerning Egyptian Financial & Industrial (EFIC.CA)
18/03/2019 09:42General Assemblies Union National Bank - Egypt "UNB-E" (UNBE.CA) - AGM Minutes (before Certification)
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