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Market Announcements
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24/09/2019 10:33General Release From Orascom Development Egypt (ORHD.CA) Concerning the Minimal impact from Thomas Cook
24/09/2019 10:30General Release From Wadi Kom Ombo Land Reclamation (WKOL.CA) Concerning the Financial Statements
24/09/2019 10:15General Orascom Investment Holding (OIH.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions
24/09/2019 10:14General Release from Atlas for Investment & Food Industries (ALRA.CA) Regarding the financing request submitted to the National Bank of Egypt
24/09/2019 10:02General Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS) (ETRS.CA) - Report of the Accountability State Authority
24/09/2019 10:00General South Cairo & Giza Mills & Bakeries (SCFM.CA) Corporate Governance Report
24/09/2019 09:59General El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo) (KABO.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decision
24/09/2019 09:58General Release from ARAB POLVARA SPINNING & WEAVING CO. (APSW.CA) Concerning The Strike
24/09/2019 09:56General El Arabia Engineering Industries (EEII.CA) Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting
24/09/2019 09:55General MM Group Industrial & International Trade (In Kind) (MTIE.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions
24/09/2019 09:12General Release from El ezz steel (ESRS.CA) Concerning the EGM’s Decision
23/09/2019 15:33General Correction from Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima) (EGCH.CA) Regarding the BOD Annual Report
23/09/2019 15:04General ARAB POLVARA SPINNING & WEAVING CO. (APSW.CA) Release Concerning a Board a Member
23/09/2019 15:02General Release from Alexandria Containers and goods (ALCN.CA) Concerning The Invitation Of The Board Of Directors' Meeting
23/09/2019 15:01General Release from Misr Oils & Soap (MOSC.CA) Regarding the AGM
23/09/2019 15:00General Release from Societe Arabe Internationale De Banque (SAIB) (SAIB.CA) Concerning a Board Member
23/09/2019 14:59General Upper Egypt Flour Mills (UEFM.CA) - Central Auditing Organization Report
23/09/2019 14:58General Assemblies Marine & Oil Services (SAE) (MOIL.CA) - EGM Minutes (after Certification)
23/09/2019 14:57General ARAB POLVARA SPINNING & WEAVING CO. (APSW.CA) - Release Concerning the Future Investment Plan
23/09/2019 13:42General Release from Egyptian for Tourism Resorts (EGTS.CA) Concerning a Lawsuit
23/09/2019 13:16Listing Announcements Companies not complying with Article "53” of the Listing Rules - Rowad Misr Tourism Investment
23/09/2019 11:51Trading Notices Resume of Trading on October Pharma (OCPH.CA)
23/09/2019 11:51General October Pharma (OCPH.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions
23/09/2019 10:53General South Valley Cement (SVCE.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decision
23/09/2019 10:52Insider Trading Executions/Treasury Stocks Insider Trading Executions: Trading Session 22/09/2019
23/09/2019 10:39General Release from Egyptian Iron & Steel (IRON.CA) Concerning The AGM & EGM Invitation
23/09/2019 10:38General Release from El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing (EPPK.CA) Concerning a Board Member
23/09/2019 10:31General General Company For Land Reclamation,Development & Reconstruction (AALR.CA) - Amendments in the Executive Management
23/09/2019 10:01General Egypt Aluminum (EGAL.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors' Meeting
23/09/2019 09:59General Release from Misr Chemical Industries (MICH.CA) Concerning the BOD Meeting
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